Bernard W. Freedman, JD, MPH

Benefits of getting assistance from an Independent Clinical Bioethicist

Bernard Freedman is a clinical bioethicist and specialist in health law. He assists patients is obtaining ethical treatment and legal protections of their rights.

He acts as a consultant and mediator to patients, physicians, hospitals, providers of hospice care and attorneys to ensure compliance with ethical obligations and legal rights.

Frequent issues that arise include:

  • Threats to withhold or withdraw life sustaining treatment
  • Challenging determination of lack of capacity to make decisions.
  • Obtaining an independent second opinion – making decisions with clarity and confidence
  • Rights and limitations of decision makers.
  • Informed consent: getting all the information needed to understand risks and benefits.
  • Assists in creating Advance Health Directives that are effective.
  • Consults with ICU patients and surrogate decision makers

If you are a patient, family member or decision maker in need a consultation, please do not hesitate to reach out, I am here to help. Consult with me today!